Focus Modes

Like building a muscle, but for your attention span:

  • No information overload

  • Weekly "brain building" lessons

  • Apply proven neuroscience techniques

  • Rewire focus habits and boost effectiveness

  • Take small, consistent steps for lasting high-impact focus

Focus Modes content is included with your Focus Fuel Membership.

Focus Modes modules

Framing Focus

  • Defining Focus

  • Business Athlete Mindset

  • Bank More Miles

The Focus Modes

Focused Sessions & Days

Fixing Focus

Focus Enhancement

  • Enhance Atomic Habits with Focus Modes

  • Simplify and Supercharge Your Calendar with Focus Modes

Chris applied Focus Modes (formerly Focus Drivers) and is now free of the guilt of not getting enough done. He’s become a better founder, a better husband and a better human being.

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Stop fighting your brain. Start rewiring it.